We are incredibly excited to announce that our “Collaborations” Mix will be featured on BBC Radio 6 on Nemone’s Electric Ladyland show.

…a mix from East London based underground electronic label. Focussing on the best in experimental beat makers and DJs, the mix concentrates on collaborations the label have been involved in so far. It’s a sonic half hour you may well want to go back to again and again!

Track list:

1) That Side – Quiet Pill
2) This Side – Quiet Pill
3) No – Ted Jasper @ted_jasper
4) It’s Something We Can All Learn From- HAAi @haaihaaihaai
5) Subtitles- Throwing Snow @throwingsnow
6) I Don’t Care – Park Hye Jin @parkhyyejin
7) Luv Getter –#Brién
8) Five Windmills – Quiet Pill
9) Tekawalk- Quiet Pill
10) Stripes- Samba @its.samba
11) Of Course – Nicholson (@normantonstreet)
12) That Feeling – Nicholson & Taff (@taffmusic1)
13) Trooper – Cynic @cynicuk
14) God Monster – Quiet Pill

Tune in at midnight.

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