Who are we?


At QTPLL we believe in supporting new home studio music and musical experimentation.  We aim to create a community for electronic artists – a gateway for getting new home made electronic music heard by eager ears.


For some heavy bass electronica get the Quiet Pill Djs down to your event, email us to book.

Quiet Pill Records

If you want to release your music on Itunes & Spotify with creative support from Quiet Pill and join the Quiet Pill community.

Latest news…

New year, new banger!
Check out this new remix by us at Quiet Pill with the song 'GOMERA' featuring vocals from our buddies at Normanton Street.

We're now on #singlesclub5. Listen to more of our latest single releases in the projects below >>

We absolutely love this awesome new remix of 'DIP' by Engine Farm, available for your listening now ! - click on the image to find out more. DIP is part of our singles club #4

Available now on Spotify // iTunes // Beatport (and if you're mad, Amazon.)

Season 1 episode 1

This first episode playlist celebrates new underground releases from the past year. If you like heavy base electronica, hip hop and new music then this playlist is for you. We will keep your whistles wet with more new tracks in the very near future...

Work with us

If you would like to work with us on a project, have music you could like to release or want to book us for an event get in touch.